The Blue Cookbook, new recipes with sustainable fish

We have just received the new campaign promoted by Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the independent, non-profit global environmental organization that aims to improve the health of the oceans, and how can it be otherwise, we share it with you so that the message reaches as many people as possible, so we encourage you to share it too, you are going to enjoy it. It is a publication of recipes created by renowned chefs from different countries of the world and is titled ‘The Blue Cookbook’.

This name refers to blue seal with which we can find the fish obtained through the sustainable fishing. It should be noted that the blue MSC seal is used for wild fish, if you want to know more details you can access this post in which we talked about a campaign they carried out on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the organization and that surely many of you will know with the slogan ‘Seas Forever‘(#MaresParaSiempre).

Just a couple of months ago we shared with you the Bacalao recipe a Bras that chef Rebeca Hernández makes with sustainable fish, with the MSC seal, and it is not the first time that chefs offer their recipes for the campaigns of this organization, indeed, in the new cookbook ‘The Blue Cookbook’The chef of the Madrid restaurant La Berenjena participates again because she is ‘Blue Ambassador’. On this occasion it is done with a Hake with Cantonese glaze, whose elaboration step by step we can also see on video.

It is very easy to do our bit to preserve our seas and oceans, as well as the species that inhabit them, we just have to choose fish from certified sustainable sources when we go to buy, and in this recipe book they introduce us to several of them, in addition, you already know that the stamps also identify it in the fishmongers, whether it is fresh product or frozen fish.

‘The Blue Cookbook’ is a bit short, as it contains ten recipes, and can be consulted online Through the organization’s website, you can access it through this link. You will see that there are very varied culinary proposals and we can also meet renowned chefs from other countries who can inspire us and, above all, encourage us to enjoy a healthy protein source, being aware that we are not going to consume products from overfishing.

In addition to the Hake with Cantonese glaze from Rebeca Hernández, the recipes from ‘The Blue Cookbook’ They are: Creamy Nordic Mussels from Jesper Björkell (Finland), Saffron Lobster Risotto from Charlotte Langley (Canada), Skillet Prawns from Lucas Glanville (Singapore), Halibut Fillet with Chinese Rice Wine from Otto Goh (China), Icelandic cod brandade from Dagny Ros Asmundsdottir (Belgium), Haddock with baked broccoli from Siba Mtongana (South Africa), Baked walleye from Frida Ronge (Sweden), Basque hake with garlic and romesco sauce from Mitch Tonks (United Kingdom ) and Mas Huni de tuna en pita by Bart Van Olphen (Netherlands).

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