THE FACT IS! from Magdeburg: “At Lufthansa you can see how quickly money can be transferred”

  • Betsy Peymann, shop owner
  • Christiane Lich, restaurateur
  • Hilmar Speck, tax advisor
  • Dirk Wöhler, organizer and representative of “AlarmstufeRot”

The main arguments

Another problem: Many entrepreneurs do not understand when and why which shops are allowed to open. For example why the hairdressing salons, but not the cosmetics salons, will reopen from March 1st. Saxony-Anhalt’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Armin Willingmann, commented: “It is difficult to rationalize and explain the decision in favor of hairdressers versus other body-hugging professions. I do not question a single hygiene concept – opening the hairdresser is an entry point that some people cannot understand . ” It was simply a matter of limiting people’s mobility so that not too many are on the move at the same time. The hairdressers are a beginning of the relaxation.

Dietmar Bartsch, leader of the Left Party in the Bundestag, criticizes this: “I am very much in favor of clear criteria and that decisions are not made according to federal states.” He wanted, for example, nationwide uniform look at the incidence values ​​and the hospital beds. “Why March 1st? Why not February 28th? That is an arbitrary date,” said Bartsch. And: He finds it problematic that the dates are set in such a way that it fits the general election. “For example, Chancellor Merkel is offering vaccination appointments until the end of the summer,” continues Bartsch. Willingmann contradicts: “The companies would also have been supported by us if there had been no elections.”

Quote of the evening

At Lufthansa you can see how quickly money can be transferred.

Dietmar Bartsch, DIE LINKE, parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag

That’s what Bartsch says when discussing the fact that many companies have not even received the November aid. “This is an unparalleled oversight. You have to be careful that the mood in the population does not change,” added the group leader.

Conclusion of the debate and open question

Companies, especially small ones, are in dire straits. Many are currently going to their savings, which will soon be used up. Of course they have the hope that the economic aid will be transferred soon and that the applications will be simplified – this is what tax advisor Hilmar Speck advocates.

The entrepreneurs have even more specific ideas: Organizer Dirk Wöhler, for example, would like positive changes in the event industry – including the RESTART manifesto. The events could take place outside longer and people who had not been vaccinated could be tested. Betsy Peymann would be happy if she could reopen her small boutique with a hygiene concept. “That can also be one customer per hour and then we have great income.”


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