The Municipality of Trieste is betting on concerts at sea. De Santis: “A Pink Floyd-style event”

The last “weighty” name recently arrived in the city is that of Brunori Sas. The Calabrian singer-songwriter (left) was the protagonist of the concert organized on the occasion of the Barcolana in the evocative setting of Porto Vecchio. An event with limited places, given the anti Covid rules, sold out in a very short time. In recent years, however, there have been other musical events with a sea view such as the concerts at dawn, which have seen artists such as Remo Anzovino perform on the Molo Audace (top right). Bottom right the commissioner De Santis

The Region has been asked for funding to set up a floating stage to host a show in May, Covid permitting

TRIESTE. A floating concert. After the success of the Brunori Sas concert in Porto Vecchio last October, the Municipality of Trieste looks for an encore and puts the yard a musical appointment for May, in another exceptional and characteristic site of Trieste: not the ancient port, this time, but the gulf. “The idea we are working on is to do a concert in which both the artist and the public are on the boat – explains the councilor for major events Francesca De Santis -, inspired by the famous Pink Floyd concert in Venice”.

The fact that eccentric concerts are a good bet for Trieste is demonstrated by several examples of recent years. If the landing of the Calabrian Brunori has consecrated the Old Port as an ideal site for musical events, in recent years there has been no lack of suggestive appointments such as concerts at dawn, which have seen artists such as Remo Anzovino or Dario perform on the Rive or on the Molo Audace Carnovale.

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In short, the premises are there and therefore, last December, the Department of Major Events took part in a PromoTurismoFvg call for major events, similar to the one that last year led to the financing of Brunori’s concert.

The sum obtained for 2020 was 26 thousand euros and for this year the Municipality plans to obtain an equally significant contribution. The very heavy effects of the pandemic on the sector have, as a counterpart, stimulated the generosity of public bodies when it comes to supporting those who work there by organizing events. «Last year’s funding is an unprecedented figure compared to the past – explains De Santis -. Having established that we have what it takes to set up similar events, we decided to try again, starting to think about it from the day after the October concert ».

Covid permitting, the indicative date for the event is next May. The location is the waters of the gulf, perhaps in front of piazza Unità: «We are studying the feasibility of this solution – explains De Santis -. The artist would have his own boat-stage, and the public would attend the show from a small fleet arranged all around ».

The points in favor, says the commissioner, are different: «It would be a Covid-free concert, without crowds. We would avoid noise pollution by doing it away from the coast. We would also save ourselves the onerous costs of classic stages. Finally we would give the city a spectacle never seen before ».

Needless to say, for such a peculiar event it requires an artist to hold the stage, even if it is too early to name names: «I would like someone who can also bring with them an important social message – says De Santis -. Our application to participate in the call has been structured in order to reflect the objectives of the UN2030 Agenda ».

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Environment, local trade, proper nutrition, health and women’s emancipation are the objectives that the councilorship intends to make the concert “themes” through a series of gadgets and initiatives. Attention to the environment will translate into separate collection: «We are also thinking about lunch box green in recyclable materials – says De Santis -, as well as a green campaign with leading companies in the beverage distribution sector ». These lunch box (trivially the dinner package) will be made with local products, “in order to favor the realities of the territory”, using “high quality foods to accustom the new generations to the right diet”.

Finally, concludes De Santis, “we will try to link a strong theme to the concert such as that of prevention of breast or prostate cancer, perhaps with an artist who marries the cause, combining it with a fundraiser”.


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