the national event that brings music to clubs. The concerts at the Viper, Glue and The Cage

February 27 marks a dark day for all of us but for the world of art, music and entertainment in particular. Due to the health emergency, the stages throughout Italy had to close by turning off the volume to live music. And so after a year comes the “Last concert” event that will allow some artists and clubs, who have decided to join, to go back to making music. The proposed concerts and events will be broadcast in free streaming, at 9 pm, on the website.

The Last Concert? is an initiative promoted by KeepOn Live, Arci and Assomusica, with the collaboration of Live DMA, which sees together, for the first time, over one hundred and thirty live clubs and clubs scattered throughout the Italian territory. A campaign that started on January 28th, the day in which all the clubs involved published images of their facades, dominated by a question mark. The primary objective is to focus attention on the absolute uncertainty and instability in which these realities currently find themselves.

The boxes of the Viper, del Glue, Limonaia di Fucecchio and The Cage di Livorno they will be hosting musicians and music with, respectively, Cecco and Cipo, Manitoba, Legno and Zen Circus. So all ready on February 27, at 9:00 pm, for free streaming concerts.

Live music is fundamental for the cultural and experiential growth of all of us and of the artists themselves. Participating in cultural events lifts the soul and enriches it, in this the clubs where you can listen to live music have a fundamental role

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Live music is one of the fundamental elements for the growth of artists and the world of music. Not only. Listening to music, participation in live events, the encounter with sounds of all kinds, are fundamental for the cultural growth of people and support processes of social cohesion. Live clubs, whether they are private rooms or clubs, play a leading role in this context. Their scream of rage is: “Will there be a last concert? Or has it already been?”.

The Tuscan artists who join and the locals involved

CECCO AND CIPO from the VIPER of Florence

MANITOBA from GLUE of Florence

WOOD from LA LIMONAIA di Fucecchio (FI)

ZEN CIRCUS from THE CAGE of Livorno

The complete line up is constantly updated HERE.

Photo: Zen Circus.


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