The secret recipe of Christmas: how to review the episode of January 24th

You lost The secret recipe of Christmas aired on January 24 on TV8? There are several ways to see The Secret Christmas Recipe in on-demand rerun.

If you didn’t have time to connect for the live broadcast of The Secret Christmas Recipe on January 24th, with a Smart TV you can see all TV8 on-demand content on your home TV too You need to tune TV8 (on Digital Terrestrial or Satellite TV) and in a few seconds you will be prompted to press the “Up Arrow” button on the remote control: at this point you can search for The Secret Christmas Recipe among those available in reruns.

If you still don’t have a TV enabled and you want to see The secret recipe for Christmas on January 24th, don’t despair: the TV8 app for Smartphones and Tablets is compatible with Chromecast e AirPlay.

If you are a Sky subscriber, by clicking on β€œR” on the remote control, you can record The Secret Christmas Recipe of January 24 and view it at any time and as many times as you want.

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