the unexpected late show of DNA Concerti

I late show they have been very famous in America for years and have also conquered our country. Precisely for this too DNA concerts has decided to enter, in its own way, in the world of late shows and live streaming.

“The most unexpected late night show on the web. Or maybe just an experiment. The founder of a large booking agency who doesn’t want to sit idle and improvises himself as a host. An underpaid co-host and a resident band. Lots of music, guests, gags and chatter. One year after the start of the pandemic ”. These are the words with which DNA Concerti presented the format “What the hell am I doing here“.

In fact, this evening, starting at 22, will be held on YouTube “What the hell am I doing here”, the program created by DNA Concerts exactly one year from the stop to concerts and live events caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

During first episode different figures working in the live music sector will alternate in this new format. But not only. In fact, there will also be characters from the world of culture and entertainment. The target? To reason with lightness and irony on the delicate issues raised in this historical moment. A way designed by DNA Concerti to network, but also for give voice to emerging artists, among the most affected by the pandemic. Furthermore, during the format, the various figures present will reflect on the pros and cons of live streaming and the possible long-term consequences.

Tonight the show will be hosted by Pietro Fuccio, founder of DNA Concerti, and by the actress Silvia Morigi. Furthermore, alongside the resident band formed by Adriano Viterbini e Marco Fasolo, some guests will alternate in connection.

On the stage of the late show they will perform: Auroro Borealo, Vanbasten, Ten e Marco Castello. In addition, there will also be the reporter Emiliano Colasanti e Nicola Ballario, radio host.

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At the end of the show organized by DNA Concerti, Marco Castello will hold the release party of Happy you, his debut album released on February 5th for 42 Records and Bubbles Records.


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