The unsustainable uselessness of ItsART, “the Italian Netflix”

Probably this “parastatal” initiative will end in nothing, hopefully without too much waste of public money.

Certainly in a somewhat critical phase for the present and future of Italian culture, music and entertainment, the news of the birth of ItsART, defined by Minister Dario Franceschini “The Netflix of Italian culture” it is not one that helps to look forward with particular optimism, given the precedents in this area. The sad experience of the portal applies to everyone, cost tens and tens of millions, as faithfully reported by Wikipedia.

ItsART, we didn’t miss it

Better not to ask yourself how many millennials have ever trusted and how many will pay to access ItsART. Without wanting to disrespect the initiative, he didn’t really miss it.

ItsART is a spa owned 51% by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and 49% by Chili tv. The site is online with a welcome home page and two email addresses: [email protected] to send content proposals and cultural events and [email protected] for the press office: the business model, more than on Netflix style subscriptions, should focus on on demand events. If we understand correctly, ItsART will be a platform where you can propose exhibitions, shows and concerts by charging those who want to watch streaming.

ItsaART, why not immediately think of Rai?

Everything good? For nothing. What will the library consist of? Archival material or ex novo productions? Who will collect the contents, select them, produce them? The web is full of portals offering infinite material, without having to go looking for it among the top players (Sky, Neflix, Prime): just think of the very rich library of Raiplay.

“The project is open to a future collaboration with Rai” reads the agency notes: political in its purest form, it would have been interesting to know why it is not immediately thought of state TV and its structure, if not ready at least very well underway. It is not rhetoric: after the war, Rai really contributed to uniting the country and more prosaically taught Italian to Italians. It is serious not to remember it and throw yourself into new unlikely adventures.

In 1974 (!!!) Rai was able to produce a show like Milleluci and churn out a performance like the epic one of Adriano Celentano and Raffaella Carrà and that we share with great pleasure. Did she really not deserve to be considered for such a project? Without forgetting the contribution that authentic jewels such as Sky Art it’s the same art, the Franco-German television network, also available in Italian via the app.

The latter is a real model of public service, in which it would have been good and right at the time to participate or otherwise take an example. Once again it was decided to take a path, if not wrong, that will lead nowhere? We will be happy to be proven wrong, but too many state and political precedents do not lead to professing to be particularly optimistic.

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