The Ville-Dieu-du-Temple: the wishes of the municipal council to the town

Mayor Dominique Briois and all the members of the municipal council present their best wishes for the year 2021 to all their constituents. The traditional ceremony of the vows will not be able to be held this year, it is on another support that they wish you a good and happy 2021: “We wish you good health so that, in 2021, we find a social life which we have been lacking since the entry into force of confinements and the curfew, made of encounters, joy and laughter. 2020 will be remembered as a year full of uncertainties. Life in our village has adapted to the rhythm of the decisions taken by our governors. Our school faced the various protocols set up by the National Education. We were able to carry out a more or less normal return to school in September. Our municipal administration was able to function normally, our staff remained mobilized. Democratic life, after elections disrupted by the Covid-19 crisis, resumed its course after the summer vacation. The first decisions that will impact 2021 have already been taken. Our public health center, e n association with Saint-Porquier and Castelsarrasin, has just opened its doors. The land in the center of the village has been acquired by the land establishment of the Occitanie region, our project to develop the center of the village can begin. The post office must be transformed into a Maison France Services reception. The acquisition of the old tar factory must be finalized. Work to create the Montech road pedestrian path. With the community of communes, repair of the road to Choisi. The budgets of the municipality and the community of municipalities will see, in 2021, the abolition of municipal and inter-municipal shares of the housing tax. These revenues will be offset by part of the departmental part of the property tax for the municipality and part of the VAT revenue for the community of municipalities. Let us hope that this deletion has no impact on our various budgets and on our financial autonomy. Our elected officials have remained active, we thank them as we thank all the municipal staff. “

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