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Meat agnolotis

Spinach dough
Flour 400 gr.
Raw spinach 150 gr.
Eggs 2 u.
Olive 20 cm3.

Roast beef 1.5 kg.
Oil 50 gr.
Tomato extract 2 tablespoons.
Onion 1 u.
Carrot 1 u.
Celery 1 stalk.
White wine 250 cm3.
Tomato 500 gr.
Bouquet garni 1 u.
Vegetable broth 1 liter.
Sal c / n.

Salsa putanesca
Canned tomato expert 600 gr.
Garlic 4 cloves.
Anchovies 6 u.
Dry chilli or pepperoni 2 u.
Capers 30 gr.
Black olives 12 u.
Fresh basil c / n.
Olive oil c / n.
Sal c / n.
Pepper c / n.

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