Valheim: Build and improve workbenches

A workbench is essential in the survival game Valheim. MeinMMO shows you in this guide how you can build and improve them.

What is a workbench good for? You need them to manufacture objects such as weapons in Valheim and to build a house. You can also use it to repair tools and other items. So make one as early as possible.

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What do you need for that? You need a shelter, wood and a hammer. First of all, it’s best to build a stone ax. You can cut down trees with a stone ax, making it more effective at collecting materials.

For the ax you need 5x wood and 3x stone. Then it comes to the actual procurement of materials for the workbench. Incidentally, the best way to mine stones is with a stone pickaxe: This is how you get the pickaxe in Valheim to mine stones

You will need a shelter for your workbench.

Why do I need to improve the workbench? After you’ve built your workbench, you’ll want to upgrade your tools and weapons. But for this you need an improved workbench. We’ll show you how to do it step by step.

Build and upgrade your workbench – you need a lot of wood

Here’s what you have to do to build a workbench:

  • You must first make a hammer. For this you need 3x wood and 2x stone.
  • Once you’ve done that, the blueprint for the workbench will be unlocked.
  • Then open the construction menu with the hammer.
  • Select the crafting tab and find a suitable place for the workbench.
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After building the workbench, you will be told that you have to build a shelter for it. This is where the stone ax comes in handy. Because with it you can get the materials you need for a roof faster.

Once you’ve done that, it’s best to start building a small hut.

  • For wooden walls you need 2x wood per wall.
  • For the roof you also need 2x wood per component.
  • Put the walls directly around the workbench and place the parts of the roof (26 °) directly over them.

You have already built your first workshop. Next, you can upgrade your workbench.

Improve the workbench – this is how it works: There are a total of 5 levels for your workbench. For this, too, you need certain materials to unlock the recipes. Then you can upgrade them.

  • Level 2: Chopping block – 10x wood and 10x flint. You unlock the recipe as soon as you find flintstones. They can be found near water points.
  • Level 3: Gerber frame – 10x wood, 10x flints, 20x leather snippets and 5x deer skin. You can get the recipe by killing a deer.
  • Level 4: Adze – 10x fine wood and 3x bronze. You unlock the recipe as soon as you produce bronze in the forge.
  • Level 5: Tool shelf – 4x iron, 1x fine wood, 4x obsidian – Recipe is unlocked by collecting fine wood from birch trees, mining obsidian and melting down iron scrap. Obsidian can be found in mountains, iron in swamps.

If you place these upgrades next to the workbench, you can always make better tools and other useful things. If you are building several houses, you will need a separate workbench for each one. Keep this in mind if you want to expand.

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If you don’t yet know what your house should look like, take a look at these examples: 3 cool bases in Valheim that you can use as inspiration for your own

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