Vegetable cheese coated with pistachios

You asked me on my networks, so here is the vegetable cheese recipe from my festive vegan batch menu! This is a first for me, I had never tried making vegetable cheese before but I had wanted to try it for a while ^^ So as not to miss it, I therefore chose a recipe via Pinterest and it is on that of Jessica in the kitchen, whose visual has whetted my appetite, that I set my sights. At the first try it was a success and even the darling asked for more! It’s simple, we had it together as an aperitif with crackers, it’s so good ^^

If you’ve never tried vegan cheese either, you can follow this recipe with your eyes closed, it’s quick and easy, and the results are insane! I wanted a cashew nut-based recipe and not soy for my first cheese, but I am also thinking of testing a tofu-based recipe soon, the one from Deliacious is eyeing me in particular ^^

The essential thing to make this fauxmage a success is soaking the cashews to obtain this creamy texture. Just think about it the day before you spend in the kitchen and put them in a salad bowl with 3 times their volume of fresh water. Cover and let soak for 24 hours (or at least overnight).

Then nothing complicated, we put everything in a blender and we reduce to a creamy puree. I didn’t add any herbs for this first try because I was curious about the taste of the “plain” preparation (with garlic all the same so that it is a little spicy). And that’s already delicious! For my next one, I would add fresh herbs like chives and flat-leaf parsley to make a style of fresh cheese with garlic and fine herbs;)

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