Vieux-Charmont. Productions de l’Impossible, this independent label facing the crisis

He has certainly tidied up his demands somewhat. Because he no longer goes, as in the past and sometimes vehemently, to meet elected officials and other institutional bodies, to use a time-honored phrase. Just to remind them that on the fringes of cultural institutions operating with a lot of subsidies, there is an alternative scene. Moreover, particularly anchored in the country of Montbéliard.


But Philippe Mégnin has lost nothing, neither of his anger, nor of his commitment. And this “rock activist”, as he likes to define himself and all those around him, has not deviated from a groove since the creation, in 1994, of Productions de l’Impossible.

First concert at the Palot

An association of irreducible rockers, of which he is the tutelary figure, which really took off, the time of each other’s studies, at the beginning of the 2000s. With a first concert in April 2001 organized in the late hall of the Palot. Soon two decades …

“Not a euro of public money”

On the counter, since: hundreds of events, dance or film evenings, concerts, gathering of furious people rooted in the sixties, very much on the look of their old scooters … And homemade records. Through the Impossible Records Productions label, created on the fringes of the association.

“It is a 100% independent label, which, in its history, has never received one euro of public money and we want this total independence”.

40,000 disks

The result is around 40,000 pressed pancakes, more than 80 references in psychobilly, ska, rockabilly, punk and surf … And some controversies, such as, in 2012, this cover, and before this one this poster, which transformed De Gaulle in front of the microphone of the BBC on June 18, 1940 in “Call of the music”, the future head of state being decked out with a banana cup and a necklace with flowers…

Concerts stop

And it is not the confinement that put a stop to the work of the shadow of Philipe Mégnin. Insofar as this sad year 2020 did not prevent him from releasing four vinyls. “And I already have four new ones in production for 2021”.

He has inevitably suffered the closures of record stores, through the twenty independent brands in France that sell his productions. But even more so the end of concerts, the ideal time to sell groups.

Mail-order selling

“So I organized private sales and developed mail order sales”, insists “Le Chef”, of which 60% of transactions take place in France, the rest being balanced between Europe (20%) and beyond, Americans are fond of surf music.

He does not live from it, but makes sure to balance his accounts. Just like the association which, despite the cascading cancellations of all its events in 2020, only three out of ten film clubs planned in particular, remains very much alive. And wants to believe in 2021. Passion intact.

The records are on sale on the website of Productions de l’Impossible records

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