volunteers will be paid 2,000 rubles

In Belogorsk, everyone was offered to catch stray dogs. For each delivered dog will be paid 2,000 rubles, said the head of the city Stanislav Melyukov in his instagram account.

Melyukov said that in mid-March he wrote that Avtodorsfera (an organization engaged in catching dogs in the city) needed a catcher. They found applicants, but the result was zero – they did not have the necessary skills, plus the close attention of animal rights activists interfered. I had to make a new decision.

“The company is ready to pay 2,000 rubles for each stray dog ​​caught in accordance with the requirements of the law and handed over to Avtodorsfera. This is not regional money. The city is ready to spend at least 1 million rubles on this, ”Melyukov wrote.

When capturing stray dogs, the following requirements must be met:

  • sterilized dogs without owners, having permanent or indelible marks, are not subject to capture, except for those showing unmotivated aggressiveness;
  • it is not allowed to use substances, medicines, methods, technical devices leading to injury, injury or death of animals;

  • the persons carrying out the catch are obliged to keep a video recording of the process and submit it to the representative of Avtodorsfera upon delivery;

  • it is not allowed to catch in the presence of children, except in cases where stray animals pose a public danger;

  • the dog must be caught on the territory of Belogorsk and this fact must be confirmed by video recording;

  • “Avtodorsfera” will not accept animal carcasses and will not pay money for them either.

Zoo defenders are also invited to join the process of catching.

“Your experience and ability to handle animals will help you not only earn money, but also solve an important urban problem,” Melyukov wrote.

  • The region has allocated funds for the city to catch and maintain 30 dogs. The animals will be transported to a new shelter in Ignatievo. Avtodorsfera has enclosures for temporary keeping of dogs – between catching and taking away.

Photo: @s.meliukov


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