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Spörrer considers it difficult to offer online concerts in or out of the city: “On the one hand, the regulations governing meetings between several people currently speak against larger ensembles making music together. On the other hand, people are used to seeing professional video productions with good sound. However, in order to generate varied images and high-quality sound, you need a lot of good technology and the right staff. ”That makes these projects both organizationally and financially expensive.

Two major events

The head of the cultural office is currently worried about the two major events in summer, the international wind festival planned for the end of June and the gravel plant open air from the end of July: “The basic problem for both events is the lead time required. For such events, many things would have to be ordered long in advance or contractually agreed. ”Although he suspects that the infection rate will weaken towards the summer due to the temperature and also due to the vaccinations that are then carried out to a large extent, he could probably also do so in the next few weeks and For months, no one can guarantee with certainty that these two highlights of the calendar of events can be implemented to the extent and in the manner as they were last in 2019. For Spörrer, however, canceling the events now is not an alternative.

Concepts for culture

He wants to restore culture as soon as possible to the public that it needs and deserves. We are working intensively on concepts to solve this dilemma and to be able to offer the population as diverse a cultural program as possible in 2021 under the still unclear conditions and when it is again permissible.

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Another important point on Spörrer’s agenda is updating the cultural development plan. This more than 80-page paper documents on the one hand the current state of cultural life in Weil am Rhein, on the other hand it also defines the goals for the coming years. The plan is to be completed in the spring and then adopted by the municipal committees.

Positive for the future

Despite the many restrictions, the head of the cultural office is positive about the future: “It doesn’t help to bury your head in the sand. My team and I try to make the best of this difficult situation and we develop concepts for alternatives to events that have already been planned, prepare exhibitions as well as musical events and use the lockdown time to digitize our archive and introduce new software Solutions to make our work processes even more efficient and effective. “


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