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2021-02-23 14:59:44
Source: China News Network
Author: Sun Jingbo
Editor in charge: Sun Jingbo

Use deep learning technology to automatically identify primates.Photo courtesy of Northwest University’s research team

China News Service, Xi’an, February 23 (Reporter Alina) The reporter learned from Northwest University on the 23rd that the “animal individual identification” system developed by the school’s scientific research team has entered the application promotion stage, and it is expected that animals will receive their own electronics in the future. ID, realize the intelligent management of wild animals.

The Northwestern University golden monkey research team has been carrying out field tracking research and protecting the species for a long time. One of the key links is how to accurately and quickly identify individual wild golden monkeys, but this has always been a problem.

Based on years of research work, the team has developed a relatively complete set of animal facial feature detection, tracking and recognition system “Tri-AI”. At present, the system has verified the applicability of 41 representative primates including golden monkeys and 4 carnivore groups, with an average recognition accuracy of 94.1%.

According to reports, this technology frees researchers from the task of identifying and tracking individual animals, improves the efficiency of individual data analysis, provides new technical solutions for zoology research, and provides reliability for the realization of wildlife protection and intelligent management. Technical support.

“The system can be applied to a variety of animals, to realize individual identification based on night vision images, and then to realize all-weather animal research. In addition, we are also trying to reduce the requirements for the equipment used in this work and the requirements for the shooting environment.” Northwest Guo Songtao, a professor at the University’s School of Life Sciences, said that the technology can be widely promoted only if it is species-independent, all-weather, and accessible to everyone.

It is understood that the researchers have initially completed the development of the “animal individual identification” system (V1.0), which has been used in multiple Qinling golden monkeys to identify and record multiple populations and thousands of individuals, and has initiated the establishment of Qinling The work of the individual golden monkey information database.

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Guo Songtao said that in the future, application industries and fields will be further expanded, combining different application scenarios and needs of identifying animals in the wild and in captivity, and conducting research and development of personalized identification functions, and implementing animal protection and breeding based on accurate animal identification And refined management of breeding. (Finish)




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