Work experience fair for students aiming to become kindergarten teachers in Guangdong Province Male students are as few as pandas 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

[January 24 CNS]Guangdong Province, China (Article & category% 5B% 5D = World Cup & category%) is a work experience fair for students who are planning to graduate from a university or vocational school this summer and are aiming to become a kindergarten teacher. It was held at the Guangdong Provincial Foreign Language Arts and Vocational School (5B% 5D = Olympics “> Guangdong). About 700 students participated, and more than half decided to practice teaching in individual kindergartens.

Nearly 200 gardens participated in the fair and provided nearly 2000 types of posts. The official monthly income exceeds 4,000 yuan (about 64,090 yen) for all occupations, of which 30% is said to be more than 5,000 yuan (about 80,000 yen). If students and kindergartens are satisfied with their educational training, they will be officially hired. Many of the students applied for practical training in public kindergartens and famous private kindergartens.

Most of the students who want to be a kindergarten teacher are women. Guangdong Foreign Language Arts and Vocational Academy Son Zhihao (Article & category% 5B% 5D = World Cup & category% 5B% 5D = Olympics “> Sun Zhihao) Party branch secretary said,” Our school has less than 10 male graduates and is a male kindergarten teacher. Is as rare as a panda. ” A male student who participated in the fair said, “I think that if you really care about your child, you can be a good teacher,” he said, and he is confident that he will find a place of work that suits him.

“In kindergartens where children aged 3 to 6 attend, there is also a role unique to male teachers.” Yuki Son, the only male teacher in a bilingual kindergarten in Chinese and English in Guangzhou (article & category% 5B% 5D = World Cup & category% 5B% 5D = Olympics “> Guangzhou) (article & category% 5B% 5D = World Cup) & category% 5B% 5D = Olympics “> Sun Yonghui) says so. Mr. Son has been working in kindergarten for seven years and said, “Male teachers are good at helping children develop their ability to live well, and they complement female teachers.” (c) CNS-Guangzhou Daily / JCM / AFPBB News

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