Yaroslavl celebrated the Defender of the Fatherland Day with bright festive events

In Yaroslavl on Tuesday, February 23, there were festive events dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

In the houses of culture, interactive platforms were organized, thematic concerts and master classes were held.

– Preparation and holding of the Defender of the Fatherland Day from year to year is one of the main tasks of our cultural institutions. Every year, creative workers create something unusual, unique to make this day bright and eventful, – said Olga Kayurova, head of the culture department of the Yaroslavl City Hall.

In the foyer of the Neftyanik Palace of Culture guests could see a historical reconstruction, where real heroes of the Alliance historical and art fencing club fought with swords. All those who came to the holiday were able to try themselves as a fencer. A concert program of creative groups took place here, after which the audience could learn about the history of the creation of the film “Panfilov’s 28” and watch the most exciting fragments of the film.

– On any holiday, at all events, we always try very hard to make something memorable for Yaroslavl residents. We missed our viewers very much, and are glad to see guests within the walls of our palace, – said the director of the Neftyanik Palace of Culture Ekaterina Mainugina.

The concert-congratulation “For Faith, for the Fatherland, for Love” was held in the recreation center “Sudostroitel”. Vocal and choreographic performances were performed by the creative teams of the recreation center “Gamma” and the recreation center “Stroitel”. In the recreation center “Krasny Perekop” they showed a thematic story, with musical and dance numbers. In the recreation center “Radiy”, along with the creative teams of the institution, invited artists from the children’s art school No. 3, exemplary choreographic groups “Zadorinka” and “Crocus”, performed for the first time. In the youth center “Krasny Pereval” there was held a competition for possession of a checker among the Cossacks. The men competed in the pedestrian wheelhouse, horse wheelhouse and franking. Cadets, juniors and adult men took part.

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– Exercises should not be started without thorough preliminary preparation. First, you need to pay attention to the correct breathing technique, which was used by the Cossacks in ancient times. After that, there is a warm-up of the whole body, special attention is paid to coordination, and only after that you can start working with cold weapons, ”said Vladimir Duplov, head of the club formation of the Kazarla Youth Army unit.

A powerlifting tournament was held in the track and field arena. Men competed in such disciplines as bench press, pull-ups, kettlebell snatch. Also two girls took part in the competition.

The traditional creative meeting “Veterans and Youth” was held in the Palace of Pioneers, this year it was held online. Before the event, there was a lyric competition, in which more than 150 schoolchildren took part. A collection of poems will be released soon.

The laying of flowers at the Military Memorial Cemetery also took place.

Photo: Mayor’s Office of Yaroslavl


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