Zug pays off late against Servette – Lausanne wins in Biel

In the end, EV Zug celebrated again in Geneva.


EV Zug wins the top game of the ice hockey championship in Geneva against Servette 4: 3 after extra time. Both teams previously won four times in a row.

Zug won the duel of the currently best team in Geneva against Servette 4: 3 after extra time. Lino Martschini decided the game after 62:38 minutes.

The Central Swiss rewarded themselves late. They had dominated the game blatantly – with 63:26 shots on goal (!). After 20 minutes the shot ratio held at 28: 6; but it was 1: 1. And even after 40 minutes, Zug had shot almost three times more often (47:16), but it was a draw (3: 3).

On the one hand, this was due to Geneva’s goalie Gauthier Descloux, who managed 59 saves. But this time EV Zug also sinned in the end. Otherwise the game would have been similar to the last away game of Zug, which Central Switzerland won 7-2 in Davos.

Overtime was very different from the rest of the game. Servette controlled the puck for two and a half minutes, but then ran into the decisive counterattack. Lino Martschini successfully completed his solo 4: 3. For Martschini it was only the third goal of the season, but at least the second in the last nine days.

Lausannes wins again

After four defeats in a row, the Lausanne Hockey Club in Biel found its way back on the road to victory. The Vaudois won 4: 1.

Biel did not reward itself that evening. The Zealanders dominated the game over longer distances, but lost again (as last against Freiburg) in their own stadium with 1: 4. The Zealanders found no recipe against Lausanne’s defense. Biel only scored in the power play – in the 17th minute by Toni Rajala to 1: 1.

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Tobias Stephan shone in front of Lausanne’s goal with 38 saves. The post saved Stephan twice. The LHC demonstrated once again that its defense system is working. No other team in the National League conceded fewer goals than Lausanne.

Tim Bozon and Cory Emmerton gave Lausanne the lead twice. This time, Craig MacTavish’s team did not let the points steal away in the finish. With a 3-1 win, Christoph Bertschy only secured Lausanne’s victory 64 seconds before the end – a “technical goal” (Biel foul against an opponent heading for an empty goal). Bertschy was the second match winner next to Stephan with three scorer points (1 goal / 2 assists).

Davos beats the Tigers for the eighth time in a row

HC Davos wins against the SCL Tigers again and again: On Tuesday 3-1 for the eighth time in a row. The SCL Tigers lost the first duel of the season in Davos 2: 9. This time, too, the Graubünden were clearly better, but they sinned in the end, with the Langnau keeper Ivars Punnenovs making a strong comeback. Nevertheless, the HCD celebrated their eighth win in a row against Emmental with 3-1.

At first it looked like many goals for the hosts again. Chris Egli (9th) and Marc Wieser in the majority (12th) gave the record champions a 2-0 lead with two goals within 157 seconds. A penalty stopped the Davos run, however, and Ben Maxwell shortened to 1: 2 (13th) with a distractor. It was only the 18th power play goal for the Langnauer in the current championship.

In the last minute, Pascal Berger failed from the best position on Davos goalkeeper Sandro Aeschlimann. Shortly thereafter, Aaron Palushaj made everything clear with a shot in the empty case. And so the Tigers lost for the ninth time in a row and for the 14th time in their last 15 games.

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Genève-Servette – Zug 3: 4 (1: 1, 2: 2, 0: 0, 0: 1) nV

0 viewers. – SR Tscherrig / Stolc, Altmann / Wolf. – Goals: 12. Kovar (Klingberg) 0: 1. 16. Le Coultre (Vermin / Powerplaytor) 1: 1. 24. Rod (Richard, Vermin) 2: 1. 31. (30:04) Simion (Kovar, Smurf) 2: 2. 32. (31:22) Klingberg (Schlumpf, Stadler) 2: 3. 39. Moy 3: 3. 63. Martschini 3: 4. – Penalties: 5 times 2 minutes against Genève-Servette, 2 times 2 minutes against Zug. – PostFinance top scorer: Omark; Kovar.

Geneva-Servette: Descloux; Jacquemet, Völlmin; Karrer, Le Coultre; Guebey, Mercier; Smons; Moy, Winnik, Omark; Rod, Richard, Vermin; Miranda, Fehr, Kast; Berthon, Smirnovs, Patry; Fritsche.

Train: Genoni; Diaz, Geisser; Schlumpf, Stadler; Cadonau, Alatalo; Large; Klingberg, Kovar, Simion; Leuenberger, Albrecht, Zehnder; Martschini, Shore, Abdelkader; Allenspach, Senteler, Bachofner.

Notes: Genève Servette without Manzato, Maurer and Tömmernes (all injured).

Biel – Lausanne 1: 4 (1: 1, 0: 1, 0: 2)

1 viewer. – SR Stricker / Borga, Progin / Stalder. – Goals: 6th Bozon (Bertschy) 0-1. 17. Rajala (Hischier / Powerplaytor) 1: 1. 37. Emmerton (Bertschy, Bozon) 1: 2. 59th (58:56) Bertschy 1: 3 (technical goal / into the empty goal). 60. (59:51) Genazzi (Gibbons, Hudon / at 5 against 3) 1: 4. – Penalties: 5 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Lars Leuenberger) against Biel, 4 times 2 minutes against Lausanne. – PostFinance top scorer: Cunti; Malgin.

Biel: van Pottelberghe; Kreis, Moser; Lindbohm, Rathgeb; Fey, Forster; Tanner, Stampfli; Hischier, Pouliot, Rajala; Hofer, Komarek, Fuchs; Brunner, Cunti, Künzle; Kessler, Gustafsson, Hügli.

Lausanne: Stephan; Genazzi, Marti; Heldner, Frick; Roth, Grossmann; Krueger, Volejnicek; Gibbons, Malgin, Kenins; Bertschy, Emmerton, Bozon; Hudon, Froidevaux, Douay; Krakauskas, Mémeteau, Schneeberger.

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Comments: Biel without Bärtschi, Lindgren and Lüthi (all injured). Biel from 58:00 to 58:56 without a goalkeeper.

Davos – SCL Tigers 3:1 (2:1, 0:0, 1:0)

1 viewer. – SR Salonen / Nikolic, Schlegel / Burgy. – Goals: 9. Egli (Kienzle, Knak) 1-0. 12. (11:01) Marc Wieser (Nygren, Corvi / Powerplaytor) 2-0. 13. (12:45) Maxwell (Huguenin, Nilsson / Powerplaytor) 2: 1. 60. (59:36) Palushaj (Nygren) 3: 1 (into the empty goal). – Penalties: 4 times 2 minutes against Davos, 3 times 2 minutes against SCL Tigers. – PostFinance top scorer: Corvi; Maxwell.

Davos: Sandro Aeschlimann; Nygren, Jung; Heinen, Guerra; Stoop, Barandun; Du Bois; Marc Wieser, Ullström, Baumgartner; Palushaj, Corvi, Nussbaumer; Kienzle, Egli, Knak; Ritzmann, Marc Aeschlimann, Canova; Lutz.

SCL Tigers: Punnenovs; Schilt, Grossniklaus; Leeger, Lardi; Erni, Huguenin; Bircher; Berger, Maxwell, Sturny; Rüegsegger, In-Albon, Andersons; Dostoinov, Petrini, Weibel; Julian Schmutz, Flavio Schmutz, Nilsson.

Comments: Davos without Ambühl, Frehner, Paschoud, Dino Wieser (all injured) and Turunen (sick), SCL Tigers without Blaser, Diem, Earl, Glauser, Kuonen, Melnalksnis, Neukom and Salzgeber (all injured). SCL Tigers from 58:19 to 59:36 without goalkeepers.

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